Introducing bitgame coin

(Bitgame coin makes it easy to earn and spend cryptocurrency for online streaming and games)




BitGame coin was brainstormed with the idea of being a utility and service to the gaming industry. A total of 1.5 billion coins will be mined, the strategy will be to use the proof of burn to dilute the coins in existence thus creating a demand and supply.


The first genesis block was generated for BitGame Coin› and wallets were created for Linux, Mac, PC.


Wallets have been released for all BitGamePro Members with an initial release for PC wallets. An additional release for Web Wallets, mobile, Iphone and Android will be released weeks later.

How to install your wallet?

  • 1. Click on “Download Wallet” for the device being used.
  • 2. Open file, once downloaded, open file and proceed with installation.
  • 3. Follow the steps in the installation guide.

Our Mission

BitgamePro aims to bring cryptocurrency into the masses of video game industry, which currently in 2018 stands at a staggering 138 billion USD.

Bitgamepro is creating multiple platforms that will allow gamers to earn and spend cryptocurrency for streaming, online gaming, e-commerce and purchasing games anywhere in the world.

  • 1 To create a frictionless environment for egame transactions.
  • 2 To make the transfer of gaming coins easy and global.
  • 3 To help monetize the gaming industry and provide an infrastructure for gamers worldwide.
  • 4 To make it easy for anyone online to play against one another for cryptocurrency.
  • 5 To create a shareconomy between gamers, developers and esport fans.
Mobile friendly

Bitgame Coin Features

Bitgame Coin uses the Bitcoin Core codebase and the proof of burn method to decrease the supply of the coins as they are used in order to keep the coins from diluting while keeping the value stable.

Download Whitepaper *mobile friendly

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